Relevance Advisors is a digital agency headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We are a group of experienced marketing professionals specializing in digital marketing. We help our clients identify and drive qualified customers to their websites and optimize the experience in order to grow their businesses and increase the return on their digital investment.

We value our relationships with our clients and always seek to serve consumer and client needs. We have a strong focus on results and continually seek and deploy ways to build sustainable, long-term success.

Core Values

Our core values are an integral part of the way we operate our business. They define how we interact with our clients, hire and promote employees, and are the foundation for our company culture.

Dream Big

We started with a laptop and an Internet connection, but we dreamed big.

Today, we are a fast growing agency in one of the most dynamic media markets in the world. We want to be leaders in our field, and to that end we seek the best talent. We attend conferences and trainings to develop our expertise, treat our employees and clients well, and never stop looking for ways to improve. We post a painted picture of where we are headed for the world to see, so we are accountable to our dreams.

Follow Through

The most important thing you can do is honor your commitments.

By working together to solve our clients’ problems, we create a positive work environment where our team looks forward to coming to work. It can be frustrating when someone tells you that something will be ready at a specific time and day, only to see that deadline come and go. People aren’t perfect, but they should expect that you follow through with what you say you’re going to do. As simple as this sounds, this is a core differentiator.

Be Nice

It costs nothing to be nice, but it’s worth everything.

We approach our co-workers, clients and partners in a positive and friendly way and place a high value on customer service. We can’t guarantee that we’ll never work with someone who isn’t nice, but we can guarantee how we will react. Each of our engagements includes a mutual thirty-day out, which ensures our goals and client goals are always aligned.

Love What You Do

Life is too short to be miserable in your job.

We hire people who are passionate about search marketing, and perfecting our craft is never a chore. We take great pride in staying abreast of industry trends to inform our recommendations and help our clients reach and exceed their goals.

Pay It Forward

We have been the beneficiary of the kindness of others, many of whom asked for nothing in return. We pay it forward.

We donate our time to non-profits, helping one of our clients capture over $1,000,000 in ad value as part of the Google Grants Pro program. As active members of the community, we speak at industry events to share our knowledge and teach at universities to train the next generation of search marketers.