AdWords Livestream 2015

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Benjamin Rudolph
May 22, 2015

Google Adwords Livestream

Building For the Next Moment

In their latest Livestream earlier this month, AdWords focused their attention on the importance of mobile advertising.  They revealed that 93% of customers who researched a product on their smartphone went on to purchase. With Google being a primary catalyst in fulfilling those “I want-to-know”, “I want-to-do” and "I want-to-buy moments", they have worked hard to develop new tools and applications to help marketers take advantage of the increasing usage of mobile devices. Their newest addition to their mobile advertising platform?  A new search ad format on mobile devices that features high-resolution photos with carousel swiping, basic information, links to local sellers, and in certain cases, current pricing from competitive sources and ratings. Though this feature is currently only limited to Automotive and Hotel Ads, it hints at what lies in the near future for mobile search advertising.

Newest Tools and Future Plans

Google has also announced a few new tools that are in the works for AdWords marketers. These include:

  • Measuring Cross Device Conversions
    Later this year, Google will be integrating cross-device conversions into automated bidding. Marketers will have the ability to track activity and conversions that start on one device, and finish on another by adding this data as a part of their Conversions column.
  • New Attribution Models
    In the next few weeks, AdWords will be making it easy for search marketers to move beyond a last-click attribution model. This new addition in attribution models will allow marketers to choose a model for each conversion type to more effectively accredit certain keywords, ad groups, and campaigns in a given account.
  • Automation Tools
    AdWords has created a new reporting dashboard to keep track of automated bidding. It gives you more control and perspective over your bidding techniques and strategies over time. Dynamic Search Ads were also enhanced to show suggested category targets based on your website content, suggested CPCs for each category, and more visibility into the ads that will show and pages where your customers will land.

If you’d like to learn more about these new updates, be sure to check out and follow Google’s blog.

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