Bing Ads Connect Event

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Benjamin Rudolph
February 10, 2015

Our team recently attended Microsoft’s Bing Ads Connect event. This informational event connected companies, like ours, that specialize in paid search advertising with experienced Microsoft search marketers. It was a great opportunity to personally get to know Microsoft’s team and explore new insights on the advantages of using Bing.

Bing/Yahoo also covers 29% of the market. While Google has about 68% share of the search engine market, Bing’s 29% can still make a great impact on search marketing results. This is especially true if your market demographics align with that of Bing’s. Since Internet Explorer is also owned by Microsoft, Bing is its default search engine. According to these charts from elie.net, Internet Explorer/Bing users are most likely to be women ages 45 and up, while Chrome/Google users are evenly split between gender and ages 18-44.





There is no right or wrong answer between using Google or Bing for advertising. The key is to make sure to know who your target audience is so that you can decide how to best allocate your advertising efforts, whether it be through Bing, Google, or both.

Device targeting is an important part of Bing’s success. Bing/Yahoo powers search results for Siri on iPhone, Amazon Kindle and Fire phones. By 2017, people will search more frequently from their phones than from laptops, making Bing a great tool for companies that are looking to gain more traffic by creating user-friendly mobile sites.

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