Google Dynamic Structured Snippets

Written by: 
Benjamin Rudolph
April 23, 2015

Google announced its addition of Dynamic Structured Snippets to search ads. This additional text highlights industry specific, structured information about your products and services and serves as a way for users to see what type of information is listed in a website from an ad. The content is automatically generated by using information within the given website. Google has also noted that these automated snippets tend to improve the average performance of an ad.

Google is also leaving an option to opt out of this new update by filling out this form. However, these dynamic structured snippets will be taken into account for in regards to Ad Ranking. Although the snippet is automated, it has to be taken from a source first. This means that advertisers still have some control over what content will be generated by staying on top of maintaining their site’s content relevance and accuracy.

Dynamic Snippets are currently configured to show retail, hotel, and flight searches. Google has noted that additional verticals will be added within the year. They are available for ads targeting English globally and only appear on desktop computer and tablet ads as for now.

To learn more, read the full details about Dynamic Structured Snippets through Google’s help article.

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