Google's New Ad Customizers

Written by: 
Benjamin Rudolph
November 11, 2014

Google continues to roll out new tools designed to provide larger advertisers with scalability.  They call these “Tools For The Power User” with the Ad Customizer being the most recent one announced.  This tool is especially helpful for advertisers that have thousands of products or services and need to show highly relevant ads to customers.  Through various inputs, advertisers can make mass updates and changes to ensure customers are always seeing fresh, up-to-date relevant ads.  Pricing information, dates, product features and promotions are just a few examples of data that can be easily updated across all products using this type of tool.

Google AdWords Ad Customizers

Additional benefits of these customized ads are:

  • Tailored messaging:  Ads are hyper-specialized to each search or webpage being viewed.
  • Time-sensitive calls to action:  The COUNTDOWN function can say that time's running out to take advantage of a promotion.
  • Scalability: Customizers let a single text ad have hundreds of variations, and show the most relevant variation to each potential customer.
  • Reporting: The automatic updates that happen when an ad is triggered don't reset the ad's performance data.

In short, maintaining current highly relevant ads creates a better user experience for customers and helps advertisers drive better performance on text ads.  Ad Customizers are expected to be extremely helpful in accomplishing this for large scale advertisers.

Additional information on Ad Customizers can be on the AdWords Blog, and Google's Help Center.

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