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Benjamin Rudolph
June 21, 2015

Updates on Google's (and Other's) Newest Feature: The Buy Button

Earlier last month, Google announced the testing of a “Buy Button” on search result pages. Two more companies were quick to follow suit - Instagram and Pinterest each announced the roll out of their own “buy buttons” soon after. Instagram has promised to help businesses target specific markets with this new feature, utilizing some of the Facebook analytical tools that we know and love. Meanwhile, Pinterest's "Buy It" button has already launched and larger retailers are already starting to see conversions. With these three companies poised to pioneer a new frontier in the world of e-commerce, it is important to understand what these changes mean.

Reports say that clicking the “buy button” will direct users to a separate Google page to complete and finish their transaction. Instead of charging a small fee out of the transaction, like retailers such as Amazon and Ebay, Google will continue to charge by ad click. With no plans to become a retailer, Google is rolling out the buy button program to help mobile conversions - with some reports saying that the buy button will only be available on mobile platforms.

By no means are these changes bad for advertisers - these new e-commerce features signify new advertising channels with increased understanding of consumers and their interactions. However, since the user isn't visiting pages on your website, your pin, advertisement, or image must contain all the necessary information to seal the deal with the customer - no easy feat!

To read more about Google's plans, check it out here. For more about Pinterest and Instagram see here.

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