Mobile Spend Expected to Overtake Desktop Next Year

Written by: 
Benjamin Rudolph
December 9, 2014

Search Engine Land reported this month that advertising spend on mobile is expected to overtake desktop as soon as next year.  By 2018, mobile is expected to account for over 76% of all search spending.  This is an important reminder for those advertisers not yet on mobile that do have potential customers there.

Though the trend is upward, mobile continues to be a lower cost option compared to desktop because there is simply less competition….now.  And with more and more searches being done on smartphones, putting yourself in the consideration set as one of the few ads that appear on the smaller smartphone screen, is a substantial opportunity for additional clicks, leads and finally customers.

Even without a responsive website, including an ad with your address or phone number, can push competitors off the screen and give users an opportunity to reach you directly before they even get to your site.  However, if a landing page conversion is key to your business, not having a responsive website will often cause smartphone users to go with another option simple because of usability.  Thus, ideally, if potential customers of your business are looking for you on mobile devices, be there and be responsive.

Read more in the original article on Search Engine Land.

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